Design Wall Monday

My wall hasn't changed much, although I have fixed one problem.  Sunday DGS#3 and I did a bit of sewing.  I cut a 6 1/2" square of fusible interfacing (one sided) and handed a pair of scissors and a bag of scraps to him.  He cut and overlapped them all over the square.  Then with a TEFLON sheet, he fused them together.  Then I showed him how to sew a straight line down the piece to further anchor them.

We then cut out two batting squares same size as the top and had him find a fabric for the back.  We cut that two inches bigger.  Going to the ironing board, we folded two opposite sides in half.  Then I had DGS#3 sew them down folded over the sides.  He worked on each part of the process.
We made a pot holder for Mom.  Today he turns 8!


What a great job! Mom is going to live it. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!
Jacqueline said…
Memories along with a great gift.
margaret said…
How good to see your GS is so keen to stitch and stitch so well, his Mum is going to be thrilled with his gift, keep it up young man I will enjoy watching you develop and making your first quilt
Michele Hill said…
Just wonderful Angie x
Moira said…
How fun to stitch with your DGS! His mom will be thrilled with her gift. And he looks so proud of his work.
Emma's Daughter said…
I started showing my 9 year old GD how to sew this summer. She made a microwaveable bowl for her mother on my sewing machine. I made her a sewing kit to take home and she has been making clothes for her stuffed animals. I'm so happy that she's able to create with her sewing.
He is just too cute and he's a quilter! Can't get any better than that. Awesome!