Some of This; Some of That

In the destashing stakes:  Had to add a larger strip on that back - another 0.16 yard.  Put borders around those orphan blocks - 0.10 yard.  A backing for an old WIP - 1 yard.  So YTD out is now 59.53 yds. 

Here are the two WIP sandwiches:

And the orphan block centers:

Not sure I like them - will add another round and rethink.  Thoughts?

My hexie round is growing. I plan to prep some today for tonight's slow stitching while TV watching.

Hope you get to quilt today. I'm off to buy a new ironing board cover.  Yes, I could make one, but it's my excuse to do a little shopping today.



  1. They look OK to me. For the one on the left, maybe a darker fabric in the next round to anchor it? Great numbers!

  2. Why make a boring ironing board cover when you could be quilting - beautiful work

  3. Wow! Two UFO sandwiched. You are doing so great at finishing some older quilts. Kudos to you. Love your hexies but too complicated for me. I'll just sit here and enjoy yours. ;^)

  4. Awesome! I love the things you are working on.

  5. dread the sandwiching part but see you have 2 ready to quilt now, enjoy the process. Blocks look good to me and like the borders before joining them together Hexie project looks pretty

  6. Love the hexie project, very clever. Pretty

  7. Congrats on the stash management success so far this year.


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