BOM today means Bag of the Month.  I try to make a bag for community service every month.  The Guild makes Happy Bags for the children cancer patients and a carryall for the Rape Crisis Center to give to victims.  This month I'm making a carryall.

I've only got the lining to cut and then I'll be ready to sew it together.  It's a quick sew - less than an hour.  You can get the pattern here.

And now it's done:

Besides the bag, nothing on my design wall right now.  I"m working on those two quilts I sandwiched.

Out in the garden, the amaryllis are still blooming!
I'm amazed with how many flowers they've produced this year.  Blessings!


margaret said…
what a good bag have downloaded pattern and will make some for the charity stall
Chantal L. said…
Great bag Angie, and a great cause too. Enjoy! ;^)
Mine stopped blooming a couple of years ago. I think the moles are eating the bulbs.
Lynette said…
Pretty amarillis! So many of our flowers have stopped blooming, too - I think we have the same problem as Billie with moles eating them out from the bottom. They're making me mad!

That carry all is a fantastic service. I'm going to see about incorporating that project out here.
Great size bag and I love your BOM mission. Such a fun and caring idea!