Design Wall Monday

The giveaway for the hexagon papers is still on. Go here to sign up to win. It will end this coming Thursday, midnight.  

Got a few more sections done on that scrap bag quilt.

While not on my design wall yet, do have the expanded center on it:

Units not in final positions

Sewing and Quilting will be slower for the next month.  I have DGS #3 here from Colorado for two weeks.  His dad flew in with him yesterday and flew out a few hours later. We're going to hang out with #1 and #4 for most of the next two weeks.  Today they start swim lessons.  After breakfast, we're off for my daily walk. Do visit my tab for linky parties above under the header to see which one's I'm linking too.  You can, too.

Hope your day is filled with what you love to do. Blessings,


  1. Looking forward to seeing how the scrapbag quilt turns out. Looking very good so far. Have fun with the grandkids this summer!

  2. scrap quilt progressing well. Enjoy your time with Grandchildren they seem to grow up so quickly these days

  3. Fun to have special visitors! I still fondly remember the times I got to be at my Grandma's without my parents, and look forward to someday being on that other side of the equation. Love your scrappy geese - It's good to have different techniques of making them in your arsenal for different aims, and that ruler is awesome for scrappy work.

  4. Looks like you will be having fun when th your grandson! I am happy you are linking up with Design Wall Monday.
    Would you mind adding a link back to within your post somewhere? It helps quilters who check out your Design Wall Monday post to be able to link back to my blog and then look at the next design wall. Thanks!

  5. Like your scrappy flying geese snd your design wall scrappy quilt is building nicely.
    Have fun creating great memories with your grandson.


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