1st Sunday of Lent

I thank you for your good wishes on my journey. I'm praying for you Irene, Rosa, Chantal, Margaret, Lady of the Manor, Muv, Miaismine, Kate, Susan, the Paz family, Libby, and Chris.  Blessing to you each day.  Any more?  The list is open.


 -.81 +2.00- 4.75 = -3.56    3.56 + 24.34 = 27.90   3/5/17 YTD destash

2/24/2017  Yanicka won the fat quarter

3/1/17 - the blocks are made

17 UFOs in 2017
-4 blocks + 4 blocks

Added a border. 

Blooming since before Christmas. Taken 3/2/17

See you next Sunday.


margaret said…
thankyou for sharing this prayer
Irene Krall said…
Thanks for the wonderful Lenten prayer. I copied it into my "Prayer Journal" - which is separate from daily journals. I hope someday my children will discover this Prayer Journal. I write most of these prayers, but do copy really good ones. Appreciate you!
desertskyquilts said…
Thank you so much! I really appreciate your prayer help. I love the idea of being helped to live according to God's will. We all struggle with that one!
Pam said…
I love your cute blocks!
Love that prayer Angie! You are so sweet.