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Used .5 for border on the string quilt, .04 on DD's block, cut .25 for green baby quilt binding and .88 yd to guild giving me 1.67 yds of destashing.  YTD: 18.06 yds destashed.

Forgot to show you my "teal" RSC challenge blocks - two more to go.

Only one looks teal [or sea green]to me - another color I'll have a buy a bit of. You probably can't see them, but there are a few spots of teal in the other two.

My spontaneous construction project has moved forward a tad bit.  I've decided what I want to do next, but first I had to make it 16" square for my plan to work.  I thought of adding a blue border. Then again I didn't want to cut Madonna off from the rest of the quilt, so I added more background.

I discovered a set of blocks which I am in the process of changing(lol - spontaneous deconstruction, too). They will be in the next round for this medallion quilt.

As to hand stitching I hope to hand quilt a few of these motifs on the last border of my ancient quilt. Just have the last side to complete.
 Now I'm so pleased to show you my latest round finish to my Bliss hexagon project.  I got the circle of hexagons hand stitched to the center.
Have to decide what the next round of hexie fabric will be - that's the toughest part for me.
I hope you get to quilt today. Blessings to you all.


  1. Nice work on making the QAL blocks to correspond to the Color of the Month for the RSC!! Even if the teal spots weren't in the greener blocks, you are still using up scraps. SEW... it's all good!!

  2. love your Teal blocks - there is just something about a greenish/blue fabric that draws me in

  3. Lovely blocks in teal, sea green. Regardless of the name, they look good! You got me curious about that next round of blocks. /:}
    Love the progress on the hexagon project. ;^)

  4. Hexie is gorgeous! Hope you are close to the possible flood area.

  5. Lots of good things to see. I do like the RSC blocks a lot. I'm so drawn to anything that seems half-way green. LL The spontaneous piece is very attractive and interesting. Thanks for sharing your good works. I don't think you are near the Oroville Dam flood plain, or the Sacto River, but take care anyway. It's probably not the only California area in danger with all the rain and snowmelt!

  6. Those hexagons are just gorgeous! Enjoy!

  7. Your hexies are looking wonderful!

  8. Part of my 17 for 2017 includes the string blocks that I started last year with the soscrappy challenge. I see this months color is teal. I just can't seem to find the time to work on those blocks....maybe I can at least drag out my huge bag of scraps and sort through for teal?


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