February Quiltathon

End of Day 4
Hey - I got to the flimsy stage for the 17 UFOs for 2017 challenge.
She's all put together - phew.  Now to sandwich, quilt and bind.  I think I'll use a dark blue for the binding - or maybe go scrappy as I have a lot of pieces of binding left over.  This now measures 30 1/2" square - just right for a neonatal quilt. And that's as far as I got in the February Quiltathon. I had hoped to work on another block for my other challenge, but had a fun and good interruption during the afternoon.  My DD came over and we worked on three of her projects - so it was sort of a continuation of the quiltathon.  We finished a toddler bed quilt top.  I didn't get a photo of that one.  Then we worked on a set of blocks she had 8 of.  So we made a 9th.
It's the middle one on the top row.  She's now going to assemble them with a nine patch in the corners. Then we moved on to cathedral windows.  It took both of us to figure it out, but we did it.
She was going to make a 16 window piece - she settled for 4 - LOL.
ready for hand stitching during lunchtime.
That's it for this month's quiltathon.  Link up at Judy's to show us your progress.

Day 4
Is there a day #4?  I'll have to go over to Judy's and see.  Well, there is for me as yesterday was a bust as to quilting. So many things came up.  I was in and out of the sewing room all day.  That's what happens when both of us are retired.  And yesterday, I did have to cook something for dinner. Enough nattering.  Here's where I'm at:

Got two rows of the string blocks put together with their side triangles sewn on.  I laid them out a certain way and kept sewing them wrong. That ripper was hot with all the action. Today I'm going to label the remaining ones so I don't have to waste time taking out seams.  As to the #9 I'm suppose to be working on, got the paper templates made.  Need to prepare the background now.

Day 3  Last night's progress - this block is from a kit. Personally I think the fish looks too big. It is what it is.  I'll add some grass along the stream with a bit of thread painting.
On to the next block -also applique.
Day 1 - 2
I'm late to the session of the monthly Quiltathon at Patchwork Times .  It started yesterday, the 8th, but I was so busy and away from home, I couldn't do much quilting.  Today - the whole morning was taken up with St. Anne's meeting and off to get a lab test. So here it is late afternoon and I can finally begin.  It helps that DH is going early to a plant society meeting so I don't have to cook supper or clean up which will give me more sewing room time. I'm working on two UFOs - one for the Quiltathon and one for 17 for 2017.

For Judy's, who picked the #9, I'm doing applique again.
 I have 27 blocks made for this sampler - just need 5 more to start putting it together. Started in 2010. The fabrics above are drying. Then I'll cut out the shapes and iron them onto the background you see under the paper placement guide.
  For the 17 in 2017, I finished the 8 strings I needed by making them as leaders and enders. I've got the first row of the blocks' triangles sewn on. Once the other three rows are done, I'll be able to sew the blocks together for a preemie quilt for our NICU.  I'll see how much progress gets done by Sunday night because Monday I move onto another UFO. 17 in 2017 is all about progress and we have only 3 weeks each to work on one of the 17. Visit Judy's linking post to see how others are doing.


  1. I like the idea of 3 weeks per project to progress it. That is so doable. Don't tell anyone but I started and competed a whole top the other day. I have finally entered the modern quilt movement.

  2. Sounds like you have this Quiltathon well under control. Can't wait to see what the applique blocks look like. Have fun! ;^)

  3. 2 good projects here especially liking the scrap string one

  4. I was later starting on the Quiltathon too. Glad to see what others are working on.

  5. Angie, you are so incredibly productive ! We wish we could make progress as quickly as you do ! Your projects under construction look lovely ! Best wishes, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  6. Beautiful applique block! Gotta love leaders/enders for getting things like string blocks pieced "in between" other work. Enjoy your Day 3!!

  7. visiting from crazy mum quilts. Love the string quilt

  8. I was in and out of the quilting room too but loved having the focus and something to look forward to doing

  9. You are very productive -looks like the Quiltathon has really helped you to focus! I like your string quilt a lot.

  10. Looks like you made great progress this month. The strings are so fun to see.


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