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First off, stash report.  I actually bought something which is stash enhancing (lol -meaning I have no plans for it, however it does have purpose).  The 1 yard large print is to start a special collection for my first Susan Carlson inspired wall hanging.  I so admire her work.  She's planning on having an online class and I so look forward to it. I think it is the only way I'll ever get to take one of her classes.  The second piece (2.66 yards) is to start replenishing my neutrals.  I've seemed to have used up most of them in the past year.  This situation gave me the go ahead to buy something for a change - bliss!

I've pulled 4.26 yards from my stash for the back of a commission quilt.  Yeah!  It will be a long time quilting project, but that's okay.  I'll use it to practice FMQ for at least 15 minutes a day.  It is a t-shirt quilt.  So, my first stash report is 0.6 destashed.  

Today was the fourth and last day of the Quiltathon (see sidebar) and I got zero sewing done because it was Three Kings Day here at our household.  We had 11 family members gather for this holiday event which closes the Christmas season for us.  Presents were exchange and we played the steal game.  Fun was had by all. And yes, that's a hexi flower you see in the photo.  My daughter had me over for a day last week and asked me how to make hexies.  She took to it effortlessly. And that's her first flower - fussy cut even. Did I mention that she can make clothes without patterns?  Just like her Grandmother.  So while we were having dessert she was prepping hexagons. She's making a swap piece due soon.  I know she'll get it done.

Yesterday was spent getting ready for today.  It was busier than I thought, but I did make a small start on my next applique block.  Here it is as the final photo from my first Quiltathon weekend.  
While this is not actually hand stitching - it is prepping to start hand stitching in 2017.  I hope you had a good day. Blessings,


  1. I took a class from Susan Carlson year ago when she came to the Birmingham, AL quilt guild - it was a great experience and taught me to look at fabrics differently.

  2. how love;y to celebtrate the arrival of the 3 Kings with a fa,ily gathering.
    Class sounds interesting hope to follow you progress on that and have fun with the quilting

  3. I'd say your Quilt-A-Thon day was very productive: time with family, inspiring your daughter to Quilt-A-Thon her hexies and starting your hand stitching (do you know about "Slow Sunday Stitching" over at Kathy's Quilts?). That fabric for the future Carlson-inspired wall hanging is gorgeous, perfect for what I'm sure will be a fun project! And I'd guess your neutrals went down the En Provence rabbit hole, I know mine did!

  4. What a gorgeous piece of fabrics and what fun to have your daughter to sew with.

  5. My hexies are scrappy and I bet it's been over a year now since I've worked on them. I want to see how large of a quilt I come up with once I get them all made-----a box of the fabrics already cut was given to me.


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