A recipe

When I already have frozen bananas for Banana Nut bread, not interested in making banana walnut pancakes, or the banana is just too soft/old for eating out of hand, I bake it like my Puerto Rican Abuela taught me.
1.  I line a tray with foil and place my banana on it.
2. I bake it in my toaster oven set at bake, 350 degrees and place on "stay on" setting. 
3. Bake for about 5-8 minutes until it is brown all over.
 4.  Place on a plate and slit the top side of the banana.
5.  Spoon out the warm, custard like banana and enjoy.  Tastes like Banana Creme Brulee.  And for decadence, put dark chocolate syrup on it.  Yum.

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  1. Great suggestion. That makes me think of banana boats we made at Girl Scout camp. Slit banana, insert mini marshmallows and chocolate bits, wrap in foil, warm over coals till marshmallows and chocolate start melting. Oh, My!

  2. never seen bananas done this way before, have 2 that are a bit over ripe so might ty it but will have to be the oven not come accross a little oven like you have there before.


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