On my Design Wall

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On one of my design walls is a new (yet again) baby quilt top.  Recently I sold some books at my Guild during their annual Yard Sale.  The only one that didn't sell was Nearly Insane by Liz Lois.  I brought it home and thought what can I do with it.  When I first saw it, I loved it, but then thought, "do I really want to make those finished 5 1/2" squares with all those teeny, tiny pieces?"  No.  However, I'd bought it and even tried to send it to another home with no luck. Then the light bulb turned on.  Why not make some of the blocks into exploded block baby quilt tops? Yes!   I like doing the math and the challenge of seeing if I can make them into 30" squares.

The size of the pieces rules out scraps - a winning situation for a stash buster. So I pulled some fabric, from one of my many bags in those closet drawers.  Here's Nearly Insane block #1 exploded to 30" square:

It's ready to sandwich and quilt.  This will be a neonatal quilt so I will do that myself.  It will come off the wall today and the previous top will go back onto it.  I added the last two sides and am now making four patches for the next round.
This one is for St. Anne's and will finish 36" square.

I'm suppose to be concentrating on two ---- (which I call WIPs) right now, however life does get in the way.  I was searching through my stash for fabric to give away yesterday and found:

It's only 18" wide, not enough to do much with, and a bit muted for me. I set it aside for donating.  Then in another drawer I pulled out a small panel (10 x 11). Looking at it I began to feel a "spontaneous construction" coming on.  This is the second time this has happened to me. Before I knew it, I was cutting up the striped material and sewing it to the panel to come up with:

That spontaneous construction still has me in its grip. I wonder where it will lead me next.

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Rosa said…
El bloque es precioso y seguro que será un quilt muy bonito y me encanta la colcho!!

Feliz semana.
I had that book - heaven knows why I bought it after I finished 2 Dear Jane quilts and then totally lost interest in those little blocks and ended up passing that book on to a dear blog friend - I hope your blocks turn into a lot of baby quilts.
Libby in TN said…
I know what you mean. Spontaneous construction happens to me, also. That's a beautiful panel; I look forward to seeing what else you do with it.
Chantal L. said…
The Nearly Insane book is meant for you. That's why you can't get rid of it, lol. Love the idea of exploding small blocks. I did that for my RSC this year. It originates in the 365 Challenge. The panel is so perfect that I thought it was made like that. After reading your comment about adding a border, my jaw hit the floor. It is so well done and the fabric is just perfect for it. Beautiful!! Enjoy! ;^)
margaret said…
such a good idea to up size the blocks I often do it with 6" ones to 12", what a lovely panel you have there it will make a beautiful wall hanging
Julie said…
In my mind I call it design on the fly. Look what a beautiful piece you've come up with! January must give everyone that feeling of using up and cleaning out, or maybe it's contagious. I love reading about your destashing ideas. ❤ keep at it!
Haha--I can't begin to list all the books that I had to have and now wonder what I was thinking. Glad you found a way to use one of yours--the quilts look great!
Of course my favorites are always the star blocks!
Deanna said…
Angie, I love what you're doing with the spontaneous construction!! You are definitely being guided by the Holy Spirit!! Wonderful!
you and your math are amazing ! :) I also agree with Deanna and her comment...certainly some wonderful guidance going on.
Shelly said…
What a great idea to do with those block patterns from that book!
Kat said…
Your nearly insane block is awesome! Thanks for linking up to Sew some love!
Kat said…
Your nearly insane block is awesome! Thanks for linking up to Sew some love!
Nice projects in the works!!
Louise said…
Those big blocks make perfect baby quilts! What a great idea :)
PaulaB quilts said…
What a perfect idea for a baby quilt! I want to make more, but I'm not into tiny piecing and this is the answer. Good luck with them and with your Madonna project.