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Off my design wall and already given away is the Nativity panel.  We had an Anointing of the Sick mass and afterwards a small reception.  Over fifty people came.  Since this is the season for giving - we had a few door prizes. This quilt was one of them.  The lady who won it was thrilled!

 I'm glad the Star of the East showed up.
The back is a reindeer motif print.
 This quilt really was quilted - just didn't show up on the back much.

Today I started on unit 3 of the En Provence mystery. Half done:

Our weather has cooled  and further colder temps are expected later this week - not as much as the rest of the country.  I went out to my patio and found a rare sighting.
 No, it wasn't crocus coming up through the snow.
One of my DH's cactus has decided to bloom.  The wonders of the plant world.


  1. one very lucky lady. Good to see en provence in the making, I am saving the instructions till all released and then will see if I will make it. The cactus looks colourful with its yellow flowers

  2. The nativity hanging/quilt turned out well. What a nice door prize!
    The cactus is super -- at first I thought it was cauliflower.

  3. Loving you Oh Holy Night! The cactus is so full of blooms, I didn't realize what it was.

  4. Your nativity panel is very neat! (Lucky you to win it!!)

  5. HI Angie, thank you for the lovely photos ! The Nativity panel is beautiful, and what a meaningful prize ! We really like the colors of "En Provence", and we look forward to seeing more of that project ! And, what fun to see the cactus in full bloom, due to all the rain. Take care, with many blessings, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  6. Really enjoying my first mystery and seeing what everyone is doing!


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