2016 Review

As there are only 5 days left of 2016, thought I'd do a bit of review to see what I've done quilt wise in the past year.  For the de-stashing, I only used 1/10th of a yard last week - working mostly with St. Anne fabrics.  My  YTD total is 55.63 yards.   A little more than half of what my goal was.  I hope in 2017 to again reach 100 yards used by making less tops for St. Annes and more backs for the tops I have to quilt.  I'll just quilt for St Anne's and let the other members have fun putting tops together.  

So what did I make?

Going through the blog archives, I found I had 19 finishes (no photo of one). I'm surprised - that's more than one a month.  Of those, I kept three. Then there were the tops:

for a total of 34 finishes and tops.  I guess it was a busy year - lol.  I find quilting so soothing and fun - takes the stress right out of life even if it's just for the time I am working in the sewing room. Then there are all of you who post and invite us to be part of your quilting life.  Thank you. God's blessing in the coming New Year.  May you always have time to quilt.


  1. you certainly made a lot and had a lot of finishes as well! I don't keep track of how much yardage is used, kind of hard with scraps - I guess I would have to go by weight instead - and I'm just not going to. Happy New Year.

  2. Wow! So many beautiful quilts and bags. Your year was more than full, it was overflowing with fabrics and threads, lol. All the best to you too. ;^)

  3. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! I love your quilts and your overview. You made so many lovely things! Unfortunately I don't know how to make quilts, but seeing yours makes me want to learn. Have a wonderful New Years Eve and a creative 2017! Best wishes from The Netherlands, Annemarie

  4. Look at all those "makes" -- wishing you many finishes in 2017!!

  5. You are VERY prolific! I admire quilters who accomplish so much and wish I were one of them. Maybe some year. I love the "Bama" quilt.

  6. Lots of lovelies there. I remember the Bama quilt was one of my favorites. I hope 2017 is just as great, and you have far less stress to relieve!


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