Coming Off the Design Wall on Monday

My Christmas day sewing totaled 3 seams and a sleeve (hand stitched) on a wall hanging for a friend.

Coming off one of the design walls is the baby quilt top.  Just needed two seams and pressing to get it done.

I've started on the back by taking a bag of scraps of flannel and putting that together to then sandwich this quilt.  But that will be done by St. Anne members at our workshop in the second week of January.  So far two people have signed up.  And one is coming to the regular meeting so I can show her how to attach a sleeve on the quilt she won - the Nativity panel.  Lisa already has a rod for it.

On the design wall is the third seam.  I can tell I already want to halve the white flannel print to make it the size of the bear strip.  I'll just keep adding strips and a border to make it big enough for the LOVE quilt.  Needs to be a 40" square.

As to hand stitching, I only got two curved hexagons prepped and sewn.

 These take time and had little of that in the previous week.  I hope to get more done this coming week. What about you?  Doing any hand stitching or piecing this week?  Or maybe machine quilting?  I plan to do my Part 5 of En Provence tomorrow. Leave me a comment to let me know how you spent your quilty moments. Blessings!


  1. Those curved hexies look good but complicate. I think I'll stay with the regular hexies, lol. I haven't touched my hexi quilt since October ... or there about. So many projects ... so many distractions! Enjoy! ;^)

  2. you have certainly been busy over christmas, no stitching by me but hope to do some today have plans to make a runner for my leather office chair as it is so very cold to sit on when I am at the machine

  3. The curved hexagons are really interesting. I like what you are doing, and I'm interested in seeing your eventual goal with them.


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