WIPs Be Gone Friday

Working on my SS WIP.  Made #48 - Whim
Not happy with it.  It's those which look easy that aren't!
Still not happy with it.  Maybe it's those pebbles in the lower right - too big in scale.

Don't know if this is any better - maybe a little, but I am done.  It is what it is.  Do you ever have any blocks like that?  I probably should have gone back to the photos of this block and seen what others had done.

What are you up to?  Leave me a comment and I'll come visit and see your lovely work. No linky this week.  I'll announce last week's winner tomorrow.

One last thing - I finished quilting one of the baby quilts - one with really puffy batting. I quilted it simply along the seams.  That batting is not going anywhere.  I go by what the bag for the batting says - a very helpful resource. Here's what I mean for this fusible batting I bought:

Tells you loft, shrinkage, max distance between stitches, what method, what fabrics - even instructions. Save those bags, but then you probably already do so. They didn't save the bag used in the quilt below. Here is the quilt:

Sorry for the blurry photo and too much contrast - I don't have the quilt any more - sent to the clinic. Another St Anne's member made the top. I quilted  and bound it.


  1. block looks good to me one I am unable to do as still have not done FPP. What a sweet baby quilt and interested that it says on the batting re ironng it to fabric I have never done that would have thought it would flatten the batting

  2. Like the changes you made and now it looks good. There are so many battings out there it's a great idea to keep the bags.

  3. I try to stick all my left over pieces of batting in the bag it came in to remember what kind it is for when I piece it together for other projects - problem is I have a big plastic container under the quilting frame full! I guess I need to make more baby quilts to get rid of those pieces that is what I use my left over batting for.

  4. I like the changes you made to the block. It looks good! Great idea about the batting's bag. I buy batting on a roll. There is nothing written of the plastic wrapping up those big rolls of batting. But it makes a lot of sense to keep the bag. ;^)

  5. I enjoyed making Whim. One of the easier blocks, mainly because I'm a newbie to paper piecing.
    You were right about the stones being too big. I adore the rose print you used.

  6. I agree with others. The floral print worked perfectly. I really like scrappy projects. The way your fabric colors play together works! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hi Angie ! We love the floral print fabric you used as replacement for the pebbles. The focal point of the block is the beautiful rose, and the smaller floral print works perfectly with that. You are making excellent progress on your WIP's. Keep up the wonderful work ! Blessings to you, from Marina and Daryl Lynn


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