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Today is the anniversary of my falling and breaking my right hip in two places. I'm thrilled to report (just as the Doctor said) that after a full year I am back to normal.  I still have to be careful - that will be for the rest of my life - however I can now go up and down steps like we normally do. I can walk a full mile without needing to use my cane. Praise God!

Now to usual stuff - last week's winner of a mystery quilting book is Meloney of Mel's Quiling Blog .  I've sent her an email.  My new YTD total for de-stashing is 48.72 yds  used.  This 1.34 yards increase was due to a practice technique that produced 4 hour glass blocks, one SS block, the backing to my mistletoe block and 5 leader and ender blocks. Most of my time I spent machine quilting.

Today, I'm continuing with that wavy line of hand quilting.  It's beginning to look like quilted:
It would be so nice to go into the new year with this almost 30 year old WIP quilt finally on my bed!

Lastly, DH has a new friend:

We think this is a domesticate bunny (he's not afraid of us) that someone dumped in our neighborhood. We're right next to a river and this happens.  He's plump - twice the size of the wild rabbits we see outside of our yard, and a different color - they are a pale tan.  Any of you rabbit afficionados know?

We just call him Bunny.  He's been around a couple of weeks.  This is the first time I was able to take a photo.  Bunny is coming closer and closer to the patio.  Don't know where he sleeps. Hope the coyotes, raccoons or skunks leave him alone.  Last week he had a tangle with one of those in the middle of the night. We thought he was a goner when DH found a tuff of fur in the lawn the next morning, but he survived.

I'm linking to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching and Judy's Patchwork Times.  You'll find their linky party buttons on the tab under the header.  Are you quilting today?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by.  Blessings on this beautiful autumn day.


  1. So glad you've made a complete recovery! Truth is, all of us as we age need to be more careful. After a bout of vertigo I've learned to hold on to something whenever I stoop or step up.

  2. That's a long recovery, but glad you have made it over the hurdle. Your hand quilting is beautiful.

  3. So happy to hear you are doing so much better and all is well now. Let's leave the pain and the bad memories behind, and just be happy and careful forever. Wishing you a great week with tons of sewing. ;^)

  4. Congrats on your recovery - my mom broke her hip almost 10 years ago and he recovery was also long. Love that bunny - hope he or she stays safe from the other critters.

  5. glad your hip is now better and that you can walk and climb stairs!

  6. so good to read the hip is now 100%. Such a cute bunny think you have a friend for life now Happy hand quilting I find it slow but so relaxing to do, hope the quilt is on the bed soon

  7. Bunny is soooo cute. DD wanted a bunny until she saw how messy they were. LOL There was one at the animal shelter and she got to clean up after it. :)
    I love reading your blog.

  8. Glad your hip is doing well. Bunny is so cute ♥

  9. I'm working on my SS blocks, plus a bit on my son's disappearing nine patch.
    Have you thought of building Bunny a place to stay? Somewhere safe? S/he might like that idea.

  10. Happy Anniversary - and remember be careful. Cute little bunny. We have deer that we feed. This year we have another set of twins, 3 does, a Spike from last year and a very large buck! I love getting up in the morning and head to the Studio and put out the corn for them. They usually feed at 7AM. The will stand back and wait, but now they are confused because of the time change. OH well, I do not plan on getting up at 5AM to feed them - they will have to learn to get accustomed to DST too! Have a great day.

  11. One year marks are very important in life; something life changing happened and you have beaten it! Praise God! So glad you are getting back to life as you knew it pre-hip break.

    I am impressed with the amount of yardage you've used to date. I don't think I would be very good at keeping track!

    I'm happy to feel a bit more like blogging and quilting; each sign of progress in our son-in-law and I feel like life will be happy again and we will all look back on these weeks in thankfulness.

    EPP and LaPassacaglia keeping me in the quilting game!


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