Some of this, Some of That

First, de-stashing.  Used .33 yd to make a scrap block, an SS block, and some leader and ender blocks. And that's it for pulling from my stash because I've been mainly messing with scraps and FMQing that baby quilt. So new YTD total is 47.38 yds  used.

Second, I'm going to be hand quilting as I watch Father Brown in a few minutes.  It's interesting where we can find ideas for quilting motifs.
This Wave Edge ruler was leaning against the wall behind my quilt chair. I stared at it for a bit and realized that the smaller edge would be great for adding a wavy line of stitching to the quilt between the outside border and the seam between the two borders on my ancient WIP.  So I grabbed a Clover white chalk pencil and off I go.  I'm on the third side already. 
Are you hand stitching?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by and see. Kathy has a linky party where quilters show their work also.  I'll be linking up. 

Giveaway is open for a quilt book. See top right on sidebar. Blessings as you start your new week.


  1. That's a great use for this ruler!
    Hope you enjoyed some slow stitching time today!

  2. I think I need that ruler it would help both hand and mahine quilting off to try and find one on amazon now

  3. Sitting in an airport with lots of layover time ahead this afternoon....wish I had some hand quilting to do!

  4. I like the curvy line! And great numbers!


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