WIPs Be Gone

Well not this week as I started on a commissioned quilt and a possible star for my Gwennie medallion. Have you ever tried to make a wonkie hexagon star using EPP (English paper piecing)?
Now I have and it's taken me a day and a half to get this far:
 I used only a straight line and a pencil to mark the rays. This was very hard for me.  My OCD wanted them to be all the same.  Then I remembered another quilter's summary of Gwen's work: "But she’s always has a very free style.  If points don’t match?  So What? Quilting should make you happy."  Thing is not sure I was happy while I finished this.

I also made a sample block for the next St. Anne's top.  I've simplified a rolling nine-patch block. I'll post the pattern under the free patterns tab after I get back from my two week trip.
And before I go here are the winners from the last two linky parties of WIPs Be Gone.  This week's winner is Donna - go see her lovely work here  And the winner two week ago (mea culpa, mea culpa) is Mel (She blogs here).  I've sent them emails.

Since I will be gone starting next Wednesday, I'm not posting a linky party this week.  But would love to hear from you on what you've made progress on. You can comment below. Remember, it doesn't have to be a finish. Blessings.


  1. I really love your star. I've tried to make a hexie like that, have to find it. I'm always working on my La Passion. Passing 8800 hexies tonight, and I'm so satisfied.

  2. No, I can't say I tried to make a wonky EPP star but I sure do love yours. It will make a wonderful border! I did another week of blocks for the 365 Challenge quilt and I am pretty happy about that even if I am getting farther behind with each week. :^P It's not a race and any progress is better than a stand still! Have a safe and fun trip! ;^)

  3. Great looking star. That would take me 3 months at my current rate of sewing.

  4. Lovely blocks - I've not seen either of those before, and it's always nice to see new things! Whoop whoop!!

  5. If you aren't happy with it, or while doing it, then that's not your style. I myself can not always go wonky. There are some things I just feel need to match and points meet. I do like your rolling block. I'll probably use that one after you post it!

  6. Wonky is hard for me also after years of trying to make everything perfect. Not saying that they all my stitching was perfect but I try. Love the colors in this block. Thanks for linking up at Podunk Pickin's.

  7. I try hard not to be wonky, so making wonky blocks just seems wrong. Your hexie block looks nice. It's wonky, but there is still enough order with the hexies that it doesn't really look wonky.


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