What I did in Vancouver

besides having a great time visiting:
My DIL just happened to have a sewing machine - an old Kenmore that is a wonderful machine.  Even did the quilting with it.  Had to cut panel, batting and backing with scissors as we could not find her rotary cutting mat.


so nice to get a quilt like that done while visiting with your granddaughter bet she loved it.
She looks so happy, holding on to her quilt. Great job grandma, scissors and all! ;^)
Rebecca said…
Wellllll, Cutting with scissors is a hardship . Only worth it cause you get to make for granddaughter. lol
Deanna said…
Welcome Back! Missed you in Guild last Tuesday. Glad you had a great time. I used to have an old Sears Sewing Machine. Loved it and used it for years until I burned out the motor. See you Soon! Hugs!
desertskyquilts said…
How cute that is. I think you have a happy child with you there.