Having fun

in Vancouver.  What a beautiful place the Northwest is!  So green!  We went to the Clark County Fair and of course there were quilts.
One of many lovely quilts at this exhibit.  My camera stopped working after this one. Ugh.  Went to a Craft Warehouse.  Their flat folds at half the cost elsewhere are from Wilmington, Timeless Treasures, Robert Kaufman, Maywood Studios!!  I went a bit crazy (may have to send a package home - no room in my suitcase) and bought a bit.  Too bad these stores are only in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  Off to see if they sell online.  PS:  They are even doing Row by Row.



  1. If the camera had to quit, I'm glad it gave us that one first! Such a lovely quilt. I envy you the shopping - sounds fabulous! You'll have to show us what you got once you are home and have a working camera again! Have fun the rest of your time.

  2. LOLLLLLLLLL.....had to send a package home. Enjoy!


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