Slow and Machine Stitching

First off, I'm giving away a quilt book - ends Thursday, the 7th, midnight.  You can see the details at my July 1 post.

Today I'm slow stitching my ancient WIP (started in 1988). I figure if I do a motif per day, I should actually get to the binding in another month and a half -lol.
 Here's what the current border looks like from the back - can see my big stitch quilting better from this side. I didn't know about this technique until about 5 years ago - much easier for me.
Newbie that I was, I didn't know one was suppose to mark the quilt before sandwiching.  Good thing I didn't because after 29 years it probably wouldn't still be there.  I use freezer paper and a water soluble pencil by Clover to mark the motifs now.

As for machine stitching - I whipped up this SS block - easy peasy.
So appropriate for the Fourth of July.  Have a good one - and safe, too.


  1. I have a quilt top ready to be quilted.I started it the year before you started the one above. It makes me feel good to know someone else also likes to enjoy there tops before they quilt them
    Kathleen Mary

  2. Good golly! I finally get it! I see how you used freezer paper as a quilt template.
    very nice and you just follow the edges. I like it!


  4. The SS blocks turned out beautifully. Hope you enjoyed your slow stitching this weekend.

  5. hand quilting looking good and such a relaxing technique to do. Have the SS bock cut out ready to do today, I am not liking such small blocks find them so fiddly to do but persevering not sure how long before I give up

  6. I like the star block! Very unique in color selection!

  7. Funny, I have ALWAYS marked my quilts as I go! I like that motif you are using. The star block looks very summery and good for many things. Is it going to be a table topper? One of several blocks?

  8. Your quilting looks terrific! Keep at it and you'll soon be done!


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