Design Wall Monday

New on my design wall is the 2009 mystery, Carolina Christmas, by Bonnie Hunter. It's now featured in her Scraps & Shirttails II book.  Here are two of the blocks from that quilt. 

Bonnie's beautiful quilts are way too big for me.  I make a fourth of them.  I made nine blocks. They're each 16" square.  What has kept me from putting them together was the odd block I created - the one with the gold squares. You're seeing the corrected block, but I sewed the light squares and the red rectangles wrong on the bottom right section and made the star-like reds reversed.  Yesterday, with no red fabric left, I had to resort to using the wrong side of those rectangles to get the pattern right. It meant taking the whole block apart (except for the two square patches) -ugh.  I had also sewn the bottom left most two square patch wrong.  But now it's all fixed. If you click on the photo, you can see the somewhat dull side of that fixed unit.  

Maybe I can finally get the top done for the next WIPs Be Gone.  Psst - last week's still open to link your eye candy.

And I have a question for you: Which Bonnie Hunter pattern/s have you made?


  1. I have finished/quilted Starstruck and Cathedral Stars, Easy Street top, and nearly finished Celtic Solstice and Smith Mountain Morning. I think I'm done with BH; too many other shiny objects catching my attention these days. Your Carolina Christmas is looking good.

  2. I've saved directions to several of her mystery quilts, but like you, too many units to make causes me to go cross-eyed--I've never gotten further than gathering fabric! I have made a Bricks and Stepping Stones, and her zig zag 9 patch from her website.

  3. hate unpicking you have rescued this block well. Have never done any of Bonnie`s projects but there is still time to rectify that maybe.

  4. The reconstructed piece doesn't stand out at all. I've started 3 of Bonnie's mystery, Celtic Sunrise, Grand Illusion and Allietare. Only Grand Illusion is finished.

  5. You go!!! Great fix, using the backside like that. It looks absolutely fine. I've finished the last two Bonnie Hunter mystery tops. Neither has been quilted yet, nor is that likely before our daughter's December wedding. Which bums me out, but there it is. 2017 will be a terrific year to finish up my own quilts for ME, after this whole calendar year of making special occasion quilts (and wedding clothing) for others. So I have the 2014/15 Grand Illusion and the 2015/16 Allietare.


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