Splendid Sampler blocks

I'm learning a lot doing these Splendid Sampler blocks . And several things I've discovered go to making these 6 1/2" blocks with success when they have so many pieces as in SS#2, 12 and 17 so far.
Here is what I've learned:

 1. Sew a scant 1/4" by sewing just to the right of the diagonal you have drawn not on the diagonal.
2.  Always sew that scant 1/4" on the side of the diagonal closest to the outside corner you are going to flip your fabric toward.
3. To reduce bulk trim seams to 1/8" on these tiny pieces.
 4. Always true up the units you've made before you sew them together. Even a tiny bit can throw the size off. And press, press, press.
 5. Abut your seams where they intersect and pin them so that the under piece will be sewn correctly to avoid bulk.
That's what works for me. Any other tips you'd like to share? Would love to hear what you do.

PS:  If you'd like to see my SS blocks, you'll find them on the right sidebar.


  1. Love the idea of putting your splendid sampler blocks into a slide show...

  2. I'm finding that making the splendid sampler blocks are a great skill builder. And it's amazing how quickly you get used to the tiny pieces. Making a 12.5" block feels huge, now!

  3. useulf tpis you have shared I find these smaller blocks are tricky to dowith so mnay tiny pieces in them and have to own up to not having done them all but saving them so maybe will do some more soon

  4. Great tips, Angie. I have been trying to keep up and I really love the tiny blocks. Thank you for the tips. They will be a big help.

  5. Had to laugh at Tip #2! (Maybe from experience ...) I'm going to try your tip for trimming seams to 1/8". My tip to you: use skinnier pins; you'll have less distortion. Clover makes some very fine ones.

  6. Great tips, and they look great Angie. Have you tried Fork pins? They help with the sewing seams together .


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