Some of This, Some of that

Because of my arthritis, can do very little hand quilting. Can only afford to do about 15 minutes a day before my hands start feeling it.  Now working on next to the last border - a sort of water lily.
One thing I can still do is machine quilt - this can be 15 - 20 minute sessions, so a bit more progress per day. That center motif had to be marked on the back - too dark to be able to see the marked lines otherwise.
I've added another border to my WIP #3 and finished all the rows for WIP #1.  I hope to show you both completed tops at the next WIPs Be Gone which you can still link to here.

Till Friday, blessings,


  1. Your quilting is just fantastic.

  2. quilting is coming along well, such a shame you are restricted with your hands

  3. Angie, this work is so lovely ! And, congratulations for all the progress you've made on your WIP's ! Your year is off to a fabulous start !
    Best wishes, and happy quilting, from Marina and Daryl

  4. GOOD WORK, I understand about only sewing for short times. Wish it could be more but I m grateful for the time I do quilt.
    Kathleen Mary

  5. Great looking quilting, both. It's amazing how much you can do in 15-20 minutes, either kind of quilting.

  6. Beautiful quilting. It's great that you haven't let arthritus stop you quilting all together.


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