WIPs Be Gone

Argggghhh!  I don't like it.  Why didn't I stop and take a photo?  I was so into making diamonds, I didn't stop and see what I was creating.  And now it's all together and darn if I didn't lose my center circle and those blue ones make for odd shaped rosettes!

They have to come out.  I made some various hexies and tried them out and found a solution.  But it's going to take a while.  So far I've taken three out and what a chore that was with invisible thread! I learned:

  1. It's going to be tricky since I removed the papers from the hexagons. So the ones I use to reconstruct will have to have the papers, so that means new ones - not using the old ones I take off elsewhere as I first thought.
  2. In order to rip out the stitches (which are very hard to see) I must put the two hexies with the seam between them right sides together, sit where the lamp is shining over my shoulder to make the stitches appear. Then I can see to rip.
  3. It's a good thing I ties off at both ends of each small seam or the hexies would fall apart with this deconstruction
  4. Sew the three I am removing into a shape before I add them back.
Little by little....

What are you up to? Would love to see it, whether finished or WIP progress or an old post, or even about what is going on in your life - not necessarily quilty. Share your goodness. Linky below ends Monday, midnight.  Be sure to go to the linky party tab above to see where I'll be linking.  You might want to join us.  The NET is so big it is nice to hear from you this way, so I can visit.  Thanks!


  1. I do not envy you one bit unpicking hand sewn hexies is so hard and a very low process!! Best of luck, personally I think it looks okay as it is but I know if I do something I do not like I cannot live with it either

  2. Ripping out hexies is the worst thing I ever did. Recently I had to do it on my La Lassion, because I had made a mistake. It took forever.

  3. Sometimes I enjoy ripping out, but other times it is a real pain. I've never dealt with invisible thread -- sounds like it's a BIG pain. Good luck. I find that redoing something is usually worth it!! Sally

  4. I liked it. Hope it goes faster than you think. We are all wrapped up in something these days. Hope you are snuggling in a warm quilt.

  5. It looks beautiful to me. Too symmetrical and it looks like it was made by a machine instead of a person. Before you rip too much, set it aside and let it rest. It might grow on you. Just sayin...

  6. I liked it too, but it seems though that you've already started the slow process of ripping and replacing. The happy thought is that you will be so much more pleased with the result.


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