Some of This, Some of That Week 40

Can you believe it? Twelve weeks to 2016?

Here's what I've been busy with:
came off design wall, is now a top, and making room for the one below

Two baby quilts - one for Neonatal Unit and one for St. Anne's .  The second one will have another row - maybe scraps from the three fabrics. It's flannel and I'll be putting it together QAYG.  Won't use batting as for CA, two flannels should make a cozy quilt.  Top one will have batting.  These are a block I've blown up to be 30" and 36" respectively.  All the above made from St. Anne's fabric. Therefore I can't count toward destashing.  But I did use three yards for the back of the raffle quilt from my stash. My new  YTD total id 87.70 yards  de-stashed.  I have 12 weeks to use a little over 12 yards to meet my 100 yards out goal.

I am working on leaves for my baskets but don't have photos of those.

DS has sold his house and needs to move in the next two weeks so I'll be very busy with that and probably not much on the blog.  Prayers would be appreciated.  Bye for now!


  1. Prayers it is. I like your baby quilts, and think that makes a great pattern blown up. Good reminder to me about some I planned to do and haven't yet. I'll have to go back and check that blog post I did! That's why I blog. LOL It's my memory now.

  2. Really beautiful wee quilts Angie.

  3. Very nice!......I've fini one Wip & now have 2 quilt tops ready & waiting to be basted.
    Debra in Ma.

  4. Just the perfect size baby quilts. Thanks for the great idea of super-sizing blocks to make a quilt.


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