Slow Sunday Stitching

I'm just about finished with my baskets - just have one to redo as somehow the basket is not centered on the handle. Then it's start making the leaves.
Lily came for another short visit and she wanted to sew again.  I made her a flannel Barbie doll blanket from a scrap of flannel.  She's embroidering a B in the center of it.

Two of us slow Sunday stitching, so I'm linking to Kathy's party by the same name. Button on sidebar.  WIPs Be Gone still open - just go down two posts and link your eye candy - past or present. Thanks!


margaret said…
baskets looking good and how lovely to share your stitching skills with the younger generation
How wonderful you can share some stitching time with your granddaughter! Those baskets are pretty sweet!
So fun to have someone to sew with.
Your little baskets are looking great! What fun to have a little helper. I hope I can do that with my granddaughter someday. Right now there are too many miles between us.
Kate said…
You've made a lot of progress on the baskets. Looking forward to seeing all the leaves show up.
Quilter Kathy said…
So sweet to see the next generation joining in the hand stitching fun!
Enjoy working on your baskets.
Karen H said…
Your baskets are so sweet as is your little sewing buddy. Her eyes are like blueberries!
Anonymous said…
What a little sweetie. How it must make you feel that she wants to stitch when she visits you. I can't tell that any of those baskets are off. Cover it up with a flower. =)
Lovely you can share the same interest with your Granddaughter. She must be so inspired by you.
Esther Aliu said…
How lovely this all looks :)