Applique Tuesday

I'm never seeming to get to applique any more. I asked myself why this is happening. Well?  I'm just spending too much time on other things. And?  After taking a long and hard look at my days, I see I spend a lot of time online, and then this video came to my attention:
So I'm going to cut down on my computer time. Now this won't matter to many, but I'm writing this for the few who'll be wondering what's going on in this household. I'll still be here, but I may not have time to reply, comment or post as often with the new regime I'm instigating. I'll see how it goes.

I think I'll go do some applique now.

Angie in SoCal


sophie said…
I volunteered to hand appliqué a section on the guild's raffle quilt, mostly because I don't have a hand project going on right now and I miss it.
Chris said…
its not that I spend so much time online, but I do spend lots of time here, its playing games so often when I am avoiding doing real work.
Lynette said…
I understand needing to revamp your time management. We'll love seeing you when we get you! :D
Check in when you can. I'm on the computer way too much myself with very little sewing going on. I'm hooked on the games as well....:)
Debbie said…
I need to do the same thing. I don't watch tv anymore I search and look at online quilting blogs etc.
Kate said…
You have to limit the computer time or else you'll never get anything done. That's one reason I'm catching up with blogs all week long. Hope you are able to get more done.
Angie, good for you!! The two times I 'unplugged' (for a week each time) I could not believe how much more I accomplished, and most of all, how much calmer I felt all the time. I need to do this again, and do it on a more constant, balanced basis. Enjoy!!
desertskyquilts said…
I think about this all the time. I keep reminding myself that the world will go on even if I'm not on the computer. =)