No Applique This Tuesday

Lily is here and we've been having fun, hanging out, doing things together and playing board games.  It's been too hot to go out for long. For example, it was 101 degrees at 12:30 today, and that wasn't the high.

We're doing a little sewing.  First she practiced doing some lace cards to get the idea the thread goes up and down and pretending the end of the shoelace is the needle.  She caught on fast so we moved onto this:

And she's only five years, 2 months old!  Another sewist in the family.  Now Deanna, if you read this, don't let on.  She want's it to be a surprise.

She's so happy doing it!  Xs are next. And while she stitches I'm managing a few minutes of quilting:
Life is good - hot, but good.  Off to swim lessons.

What are are you stitching or quilting?  Let me know and I'll come by and visit.  Might not be able to comment, but would love to see your eye candy.

Blessings and send any excess rain our way, please!


  1. well done Lily, how good to get someone so young stitching so well, we are having a warm spell too but it never reaches anywhere near 100 degrees here in the UK. Sorry cannot link up as have not added to my blog and think it has to be on a blog to link?

  2. how lovely that you are teaching someone young to stitch!

  3. Good work, Lily!
    Great that you are getting her started early - and still managing a little quilting yourself too, which is perfect!

  4. it is always fun to see a child sew/do crafts some have such talent!

  5. Angie, The secret stays with me! Lilly is doing so well with her hand embroidered heart, and it is great that she is learning hand sewing!! You're a lovely grandma to work with her on this project. I remember my first hand sewing lesson came when I was about her age.....I sewed the hem on a beautiful hand made hanky. Was so proud of myself. And, I remember that to this day!!

  6. So awesome, it is even better in person - and the back of it is great too! ;-)

  7. What great work, well done Lily!

  8. Very cute. We need to teach our young ones to continue this craft

  9. Oh what fun and how cute!! Perfect post to rejuvenate at Tuesday Archives this week!! :)


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