WIPS Be Gone

WIPs Be GoneA Recap:  Looking back on posts for 2014, I found more and more, quilting was interrupted by life's demands. Certainly, my mother's recent health issues were a wake up call. I need to spend more time with family and less on the computer. It can be such a pit of sedentary activity. So change is coming to this blog. I want to take this opportunity to thank every one who ever linked to Hexie Weekend. My plans were to work on hexies during the week and show them off on the weekend. More and more that didn't happen, and I kept finding other lovely bloggers who also had linky parties for hexies. So much eye candy there! I will still be doing hexies, but I'll be linking over at the more dedicated hexagon bloggers.

 I still would like to see what you are doing. It is very inspiring and educational to see what quilters are creating. My goal for 2015 is to make it the Year of the WIP. I have so many - do you? So starting this week, Hexie Weekend has morphed to WIPs Be Gone. I'll be hosting a linky party each Friday for your WIP projects, either a blog post or additions to your photostream. If you have neither you can also tell me about your WIP progress in a comment.  Be sure you're not a "no reply on Blogger" so I can answer back.  I hope you will share with me and the other readers. It's so much fun to see what you're bringing to life. Who knows I may even have a giveaway now and then.

I made a button.  If you'd like to put it on your blog as a reminder to come by on Fridays, that would be so nice.  You'll find the code on the right sidebar.

Lastly, I'll be listing my finished WIPs.  Let's see how many I can do in 2015. You can check the tab above by the same name for any finishes.


  1. My life is full of WIPs and every other alphabet designation, too. =) I'll try to have something each Friday!

  2. I also want to dedicate 2015 to my WIPs and other PHD. My guild is even holding a PHD challenge. So I will be linking up with you on Fridays when there are finishes. I hope there will be a lot of them!

  3. dare i admit to only having 3 WIP, one on the lounge floor, 20 blocks trying to make up my mind how to assemble, one that is not being quilted till my quilting improves and a cot quilt that I started yesterday and now needs the wadding etc. Do not know how to add your badge to my blog help please if you have a spare moment. Oh yes I have 12 hexies but they are being put with the hexies being made during this year to make an extra large quilt maybe

  4. I am with Margaret, Need help with button. lol
    I am lost with out your help in blog land, Angie.

  5. Margaret had 3?? I stopped counting at 30. I'll be posting what I did do for the week, and hope one day to have a finish.

    Just added the button.

  6. I have so many WIPs, they are more of to do list and some are still the stage of ideas. the current WIP is Randje per week 2014 challenge-

  7. Best wishes on more family time for you. That's such a great idea to concentrate on WIPs.

  8. Angie, thanks for your kind comments! I tried to link up here without luck.


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