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And then there were three

Here's my third green scrappy block for the 2017 RSC

For the quilt I have in mind the blocks have to be 9" finished. In the I Love to Make Quilts version, it is a 12" block. I've finally worked out a method to make reducing the block less complicated for me.
I see what the size of the finished pieces have to be and then add a 1/2" to the measure. For instance for the one above.  The middle of this 9 patch is twice the size of the corners, so my pieces have to be 1/4th the finished size.  So I divided 9 by 4 and got 2 1/4".  I added the 1/2" seam allowance and squares for the corners  should cut at 2 3/4".   The middle rectangle is 2 3/4" twice, but since this is a long rectangle, one subtracts the 1/2" seam allowance as there is no seam in the middle.  And so it goes...

At retreat, we do make and takes.  They give us a kit and we make it.  Most of us are usually learning a new technique when we do this.  Our first make and take was to m…

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