WIPs Be Gone #16

This is a little mug rug from last year's Oct retreat.  Kind of a fold and sew patchwork.  You end up with a piece that has folds instead of seams showing - kind of easy because one is always sewing around the edge.  I had only the binding to bring back and be done.  What would have taken me 10 minutes on the machine took me five days in between resting and meds for the broken hip.  Little by little....  And look it has a lime scrap.  Could this qualify for working with lime on the RSC 2015?

What are you up to?  Would love to hear. As this is a hand stitched finish, I'll link up to Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop? and Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching .


In Only a Moment

Have I shown you this bag before?  I really can't remember right now. In only a moment it went from grocery bag to walker bag.  Yes, walker bag. I fell and broke my hip in two places.  I was shaking out a pair of DGS Alan's shoes so we could go on a walk, then turned and tripped on the threshold of our patio doors. Alan was right behind me about two feet and in order not to fall on top of him, I twisted to the right and took the full impact of the fall on my hip.

In only a moment the rest of the year has morphed into pain, surgery, coming home to recouperate.  The good news is that I don't have a cast, and the pain is manageable (because of my allergies to most pain meds or opiates - I"m only taking Extra Strength Tylenol).  I've been home from the hospital for about 18 hours and I'm so tired as if I'd work in the coal mines all day.  So I rest 15 minutes and move 15 minutes. LOL - today it took me 30 minutes to brush my teeth.  Needless to say, I won't be doing much driving or sewing as it was my right hip, and it's cumbersome moving in the sewing room (and I Don't want to fall). Prognosis is 3 months - yikes.  Oh well, what must be must be.  I'm hauling out my 26 year old WIP that I am handquilting and will work on that.  Its time has come.

Before I fell, I pulled out this quilt top I found in a container to be WIP #15. It has lime green sashing for the RSC 2015 challenge. Don't really have any lime green scraps even though I like the color.  I don't know if I will get anything done on it, probably not, but we'll see.  It's at least working with the color.

This all happened Friday the 13th, and no, I don't believe all that stuff.  For all those of you who've commented on my quilt show post  and WIPs Be Gone post, thank you.  I'm sure you understand that for a while my time online will be limited and I won't be able to reply very much ( this post has taken most of a day to do what with my limited energy - lol). Be right back - have to walk a bit or I will stiffen up.  But I'd still like to hear from you.  Though you won't notice, I'll be keeping up with you through Bloglovin' and Facebook.

Take care, happy quilting, and watch where you're stepping.
Angie in SoCal


WIPs Be Gone Week 46!

I checked the calendar and there are 53 weeks in 2015 because of when Jan 1st falls in 2016.  Only seven weeks left! Wow - where did the year go?  I've been finally getting down to quilting again and have actually worked on a WIP.  Here is #14:
This is a quilt nine years in the making. In fact I gave these 9 1/2" square to my then almost 4 year old grandson, William, and told him to lay them out in the order he wanted and he did. He even picked out the plaid to use as sashing.  This quilt was going to be for him.  Well, he's 13 now and not really interested in construction vehicles, so I'm giving it to his brother who turned five on Veteran's Day. The day before  Alan (the brother) came into the sewing room ( I thought he was watching Wild Kratts) and said, "I like this quilt. Can I have it?" So , I know he likes it.  I told him I'd have to check with the lady who wanted it made.  He's getting it Saturday at his party.  I just have to do the binding now, and that shouldn't take too long.  This has a Lightning McQueen and Mater flannel backing and flannel as batting.  I've learned a lot since I made this top so long ago - like it would have been better if I had used sashing blocks in the middle so the plaids wouldn't look so out of alignment, and better still if I had cut the side sashing on the lengthwise grain to match the crosswise cut pieces bordering the blocks.   I meandered around the vehicles
in the large blocks. Since I SITD all seams I then just quilted some FMQ in the border.  With two flannesl it's heavier than other quilts. I don't think the flannels will shift. I did prewash them.

I'm also quilting the baby quilt I showed you last week.  I'm using FMQ on that also.

What are you up to? Would love to see it, whether finished or WIP progress or an old post, or even about what is going on in your life - not necessarily quilty. Share your goodness. Linky below ends Monday, midnight.  I'm linking to Amanda's Finish it Up Friday, Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop?,  and Lizzie Lenard's FMQ Mavericks with this surely finished tomorrow WIP.


A Trunk Show--

Soma of Whims and Fancies is having a virtual trunk show. What a great idea! There are even prizes besides all the wonderful eye candy one can see.  Here are a few of mine:
First Quilt of Valor:
Quilted by another QOV volunteer.

 First Home of the Brave quilt
 Given to Don Beld to pass on to a soldier's family.

 First commission quilt I made. This was a baby quilt requested by my neighbor.

 First Service Star quilt for a family who at the time had three sons in the Service.

 First BOM quilt.  This was a Beth Ferrier mystery quilt. I made it for my daughter's 35th birthday.  It took me two years.

 First pillow cover I made.  Went to my Mom. She has it on her sofa.

 First cancer patient quilt.  I asked for blocks from my Guild for a fellow quilter. Then I took the blocks and made a top and quilted it. This was the first time I made a different border of my chosing.

You can see more trunk shows by going to Soma's link party here:
Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And Fancies

 Show and Shares are my favorite part of guild membership, and trunk show are my favorite lectures.  At Soma's I get to go see quilt collections any time I like!  Share with us. I'd love to see your quilts.