Applique Tuesday

Well, school has officially opened.  What that means for me is that I'm back to kids Tuesday, Wednesday, and possibly some Thursdays. Don't get me wrong:  I love interacting with them - I just won't be sewing as much (if any) on those days.  I do have a bit of applique to share.  First I machine appliqued the circle to my Block Lotto block.  You can see it in my previous post entitled Sunday, Sunday.

Today while Alan was napping:
 Had lunch, then assembled the tools I need to start turning back the seam allowance on this BB* block.
Turned back the seam allowance in the center using the starch/freezer paper method.

 Here's how it looks in the front.  Playtime over - Alan has awakened after an hour and a half nap.
That's all for today.  Leave me a comment and I'll come see your eye candy.    BB= Benjamin Biggs


Sunday, Sunday the 24th

First, Hexie Weekend is still open.  We'd love to see your eye candy - Hexie or otherwise - it's all great to see.

Coming off my design wall is a block lotto block. I'm calling it my purple cone flower.  The center is not really black, but the darkest brown with some squiggly yellow and green circles.
I'm months behind on my Block Lotto blocks because of this block.  My least favorite method of making a block is paper piecing.  But I got it done - measures 14 1/2" square.  On to the July and August blocks

I found 2 more yards to give away. Used a fat quarter's worth of fabric for the block above and a yard for the back of a charity quilt I taught at the workshop, Saturday, for our guild.  I showed how to make a simple quilt as you go with no sashing and a solid (all one piece) back.  Four of us made a 32" neonatal quilt in 4 hours.  I was so proud of them.  I'll show photos later.  I took pics with my phone and I haven't figured out how to download them yet.

Lastly, I found a candy cane rose while watering.  One of the few to bloom during our drought.

I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times and Lyn's BOMs Away.  Check them out.


Hexie Weekend!

Two hexie projects to show you.

First one was on my design wall.  I got it put together after I watched this You-Tube video:

Such a neat trick she has - no marking corners! Sorry this was from 2012 so probably no kits left - LOL.
Here's my finished top:

 I still have to decide if I will square it or leave two of the borders zig zaggy.
AND I've almost finished another hexie flower.

What have you been up to?  Link up and show us your eye candy - hexie or otherwise. Linky below.
I'm linking to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it Up Friday since I finished putting together my top. See you there.


Applique Tuesday

Still no applique. Alan here today, and yesterday, I drove two hours to the store where I bought my Juki.  After several calls to the service dept, we both realized that there was something not quite right about the TL 2010Q and they needed to see it.  I got there a few minutes after the store opened.  They helped me unload and set up my machine.  I then began with the walking foot issue.  I put that foot on and started to sew.   After about a minute, both the sales rep and I noticed a definite change to the noise the machine was making.  Right away she sent for a technician.  Mario, a very nice and patient tech, listened to my concerns and my machine and said, yes, it needed fine tuning.  First, the walking foot was getting hung up on the screw that holds the needle - happens sometimes - he bent the arm and now seems to be working and adjusted the needle to go down directly in the center of the whole of the throat plate - thus making the bobbin hook consistently catch the top thread and stop the skipping of stitches.  Took it home and have been sewing with it for about 2 hours and it looks like the problems have been solve. Thank the Lord!

And today, Alan is here so no sewing being done.  I am presently quilting another baby quilt that I need to gift by the end of the week. I'll take a photo for Friday.

In the meantime, here's a tip about applique fabric I learned from Marguerite Tate at the workshop she gave for my Guild.

Keep your bits and pieces of fabric to which you have ironed Soft Fuse, Steam a Seam, Heat and Bond, or any fusible in a air tight plastic bin.  She has multiple bins with a different color in each.  Mine is not that extensive of a collection so they are in one.  This makes it so easy to find fabric already fused for my LE.  You know how many fabrics are needed in tiny pieces for that WIP.  Marguerite said keeping them away from air makes the fusible last longer until you need to use it.

In closing I have a question for those of you who machine quilt on a domestic.  What size needle do you use with Superior Bottom Line or any #60 weight thread?  Look forward to your replies.  Blessings!