Stash Report/Design Wall

1/4 yd for binding the Vet quilt. .10 yd -  bits  for Soup├žon border, .01 yd for testing a block, commissioned quilt doesn't count as that was bought specifically for that project, so doesn't get counted in or out.

1/8th yard for making the April BOM blocks for guild -these are only 6" blocks finished. Then I used 1/8th yard to test the side blocks to the commissioned quilt - didn't want to get that wrong when I have just enough fabric. And now I've used about 1/4 yard testing the corner blocks - geesh! First too small, then too large inner unit - but finally I got it right and have only 5 more border blocks to do and all the blocks for the quilt will be made.  Here's my test sample of the side blocks.

This is not the fabric for the quilt - just a scrap I picked out of the piece shelf to make this unit.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times and Lyn's BOMs Away! See you next week  - hope to be quilting this top by then. Stash numbers updated on the right sidebar.

Alleluia - Christ is Risen this Easter morn!

Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!


Someday I'd like to go here in Italy

This photo of Monticchiello is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Until then I may make a landscape quilt similar to this. Back to THE quilt.

Holy Saturday

Three days our world was broken,
the Lord of life lay dead.
"Take up your cross," He told us
who followed where He lead.
Would we now hang in torment
with thieves on every side,
our Passover shattered, our hope crucified?
Three days we hid in silence
in bitter fear and grief.
Three days we clung together
where He had washed our feet...