Applique Tuesday

Our guest appliquer this week is Lily!  She wanted to put together something else.  I gave her a piece of background, around 10 x 12" I marked with a Frixion pen a 1/2" line in from the sides. I gave her a box of scraps and a glue stick.  Then I told her to paint a picture with the scraps - any color, size, shape she wanted.  Once she had them where she wanted them, I had her turn them over and rub some glue on the backs and replace to where she wanted them and pat them down.  This took her about an hour to do - I was able to get some quilting in while she created.  When done, we cut a like size piece of batting and I let her pick a back.  She picked colorful flowers. You can see the print in the border.  I cut the back an 1 1/4 larger than the front, sandwiched and did raw edge applique on the machine.  Here's Lily's piece:
I suggested she use it as a placemat. She looked at me affronted and said, "It'll get dirty, Grandma!" She's going to put it on the end table near her bed.

And on my design wall - another baby quilt top. This measures 30".
 I love those owls!

What have you been up to --applique or other wise?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by and take a look at your eye candy.  Blessings!


WIPs Be Gone #27

One for WIP #3. I'll pull fabric for another one tomorrow for Slow Sunday Stitching.
That's all I had time for with DGD Lily here. She did some hand stitching earlier in the week. See my No Applique Tuesday post.  Would love to see your progress. Linky below. Closes Monday, midnight.  Blessings!

Since I finished a hexie flower, I'm linking to Amanda's Finish it Friday, Richards Link A Finish Friday, Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop?


No Applique This Tuesday

Lily is here and we've been having fun, hanging out, doing things together and playing board games.  It's been too hot to go out for long. For example, it was 101 degrees at 12:30 today, and that wasn't the high.

We're doing a little sewing.  First she practiced doing some lace cards to get the idea the thread goes up and down and pretending the end of the shoelace is the needle.  She caught on fast so we moved onto this:

And she's only five years, 2 months old!  Another sewist in the family.  Now Deanna, if you read this, don't let on.  She want's it to be a surprise.

She's so happy doing it!  Xs are next. And while she stitches I'm managing a few minutes of quilting:
Life is good - hot, but good.  Off to swim lessons.

What are are you stitching or quilting?  Let me know and I'll come by and visit.  Might not be able to comment, but would love to see your eye candy.

Blessings and send any excess rain our way, please!


WIPs Be Gone Week 26

I've been spontaneously constructing again.  My DGS's preschool teacher is going on maternity leave tomorrow - a whole month sooner than I thought.  So Tuesday the SC started.  I'm not surprised - from the way she's carrying this baby, I thought she'd have it 6/15!  The quilt is done.  I just have to make a card and buy a baby bag and take it tomorrow to her.
Yes, the beige  really stands out( I would have preferred a very light pink), but just couldn't go to the store and I needed to start.  I used the cute owls on the back, too. It measures 32" square.
It's one of those forgiving prints that covers all quilting errors.  I love those owls. Here's another view for the quilting:
I free-motioned a large meander on the beige and the owls, then used the walking foot to outline the rose L-shapes. I then free-motioned the triangles in the border. That went better than I thought.  Hope Baby Camille and her Mom like it.

I did work on a WIP, but have no photo - maybe later in the week.  How are you doing on yours? Link up and let us see - doesn't have to be a WIP - finishes are fun to view, too. And it doesn't have to be a new post - an old one will do - it's all new to me!  Blue button below - ends Monday, midnight.

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