Design Wall Monday

Got my second quilt top for St. Anne's done.  There are 6 tube quilt leftovers in this top - all were in the scrap bag I brought home to work on.  What's a tube quilt?  You take 6 strips of fabric wof and sew them together. Then you cut them the width you want - usually the size of your strip to make squares.  Then you turn them to the right side and lay them in the order you want. Pick out the seam top of your first row and sew these strips back together.

Here's what one looks like: 

You can usually cut six columns, and lots of times there's a bit left over.  The last four columns on the right are leftovers as well as the first one and the one with the buggy print. Going up on my design wall as soon as I finish sewing it together is the next one from the bag.  I made the nine-patches today.  They came out 7.5" square. So now I have to decide what I'm going to add from the bag to make it 36" square. I'm auditioning the yellow.

Tomorrow I plan to work on my hexies, do a bit of quilting with my DSM, and start on my next 17 UFOs in 2017.  How about you?  Linking up to Judy at Patchwork Times and a couple of other linkies in the tab above. I hope you get to sew today.


Slow Sunday Stitching & Some of That

I'll be finishing this one and hope to start on hand stitching the last two.  That is my goal.

As far as the stash report, I used only .03 yd this week by making an RSC block, little bits for my applique block, and that teeny, tiny sampan.  I did pull a piece, 3.25 yds worth, to donate to the guild. New YTD total of use/donations now stands at 10.08 yds destashed! 

Where I did use fabric was in putting together this top from another bag of scraps.  This one has mostly strips in it.  But since it is St. Anne's fabric, I can't count it toward destashing.  The three columns on the right aren't attached yet.  Need a few more columns to make it the right size - 36" square.  The letters are four the parish children colored at the June festival. So for now it is on design wall #2.

Off to bed - read that by getting an extra hour of sleep each night you can lose 10 pounds in a year. Sounds like an easy way to diet.  I don't get enough sleep - 6 to 6.5 a night is not enough.  

Nighty - night.


Doodlling Fairies

While I like to draw, since I'm a quilter, I mostly design in my head, from a photo, with EQ software and sometimes paper and pencil, I haven't yet caught on to the habit of doodling  or coloring, except when I have a new quilt motif I want to set in my brain.  However, I do know that youngsters (and adults, too) love doing this these days, so I took Doodletopia Fairies (Draw, Design, and color Your Own Super-Magical and Beautiful Fairies by Christopher Hart to my volunteer position at our Parish school library.

As you can see the girls (3rd - 5th grades) who came in at lunch were enthusiastic about it:

I love the difference in each of these. The eyes and lips are so expressive as well as the ears.  This would be a fun interactive book to give as a gift for those who like to doodle (ages 8 and up).  This well known author includes illustration tips with drawing, designing, coloring, and crafting activities. 

I received this book (published by Watson-Guptill Publications) from Blogging for Books for this review. A great book to have on hand when the granddaughter comes over.  


Third WIPs Be Gone Post

Hey, I finally found my sampan!  It was tiny - only 3/4" square.  I use the Crafty Applique method to treat it and make it fray proof.  Then I cut it with very sharp scissors.  People and DH had suggested that I paint it on, but I was too afraid that if I messed up,  there went the quilt top.  Once cut I ironed it in place and then hand stitched it using a straight stitch.

When I gave it to my friend on Tuesday, she was amazed.  She'd forgotten all about it (was about 10 years ago she gave the center to me), but the minute she saw it, she remembered the class she took to make it.
  We're calling it: On the Yangtze River.

Measures @ 12 x 16
I quilted it with Superior Invisible thread, a 70/10 sharp needle using a straight stitch. I stitched right next to the folds - it made it look a bit like trapunto.  I also used a navy blue art pencil to color over some of the whip stitches that showed.  A second WIP gone in 2017.

I'm working on my third Anna's Garden block - my WIP for the month.  Here's how far I've gotten:
What are you up to?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by.  Blessings,