Toward a Finish on Friday

I have finally let sink in that in order to have finishes, tops must be quilted.  In order for them to be quilted, they must be sandwiched.  This is the "hit the wall" moment for me.  Have quite a few tops that need to be sandwiched (my least favorite part).  I won't be making any progress with FMQ and finishes until I sandwich!!

Here's a panel I must finish to gift later this week.

Now that it's sandwiched I have the other difficult questions. What color of thread do I use?  Do I use the same color for top and bottom.  Until I get a handle on these, progress will crawl here.  What would you use?

I'm linking to Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop as I did get it sandwiched.  And a reminder the giveaway for hexagon paper pieces plus a fat quarter of fabric is still on (ends Monday, midnight).  Just go to my previous post.


  1. I know the feeling. You want it to look perfect on the first go and not have to take out a bunch of work if the color is not looking right.
    I would use complimentary colors, that blend in for the main portion. This allows the picture to be the center of attention. The outer border could use a contrasting color, to add an element to the tan and bring the colors to the edge. I am thinking pink or blue, to help balance out the brown.

  2. I'm rather a newbie at machine quilting and don't know thread yet! I had some thread picked out for the next quilt that I was going to machine quilt when someone else carefully told me she thought it was all wrong and she is someone I feel knows about these things - she told me I was still in "hand quilting mode" where I wanted the thread to show where as with machine quilting you want it to blend - ok - now back to the drawing board - neutral of some type.

  3. I've been using thread that matches the top. If it is a busy pattern I might use several colours. I tend to use a very lightweight thread in the bobbin and I choose a relatively neutral colour that will work with the top thread. My preferred bobbin thread is Superior's The Bottom Line.

  4. I'm a real Bottom Line fan, too (50 wt.). Id use a nuetral (tan) for all of it.

  5. I still struggle with that as well. It's so pretty I doubt that it will matter:) HUGZ:)


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