DWM again

First, don't forget the hexie giveaway - see Friday post, ends today, midnight. A brief stash report:  used a yard for the panel I"m quilting, used a fat quarter to repair a sofa cover, gave away 2 yards to a church quilting group. Totals on side bar. How are you doing de-stashing?

Thanks for your advice on that panel.  I chose to use a neutral color on both top and bottom - silver by Superior Threads; Bottom Line series.

Coming off my wall is my ugly, Modern quilt (actually it looks better as a thumbnail - lol).  Hope some mother likes this charity quilt.  I made it with what I was given (the fabric that is) using a pattern from a Terry Atkinson book call Happy Hour.  If anyone wants the book let me know - I don't  want to make another from it.

Do you like all the things you make?  I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times, Lyn's BOMs Away, and Anything Goes Monday.  See you there.


  1. Cute post, it brought a smile :-)
    I WISH I could say I like everything I have made!

  2. The whale fabric is cute...Have a super day!

  3. I am in complete denial . . . I have bought many many many yards of fabric this year and it seems like a lot of work to try to figure out how much I have used, but since I have not completed anything yet this year, I guess it doesn't count.

  4. I am sure someone out there will love that quilt. I can honestly say, I don't like everything I make.....infact right now I am working on two projects that I am not happy with mainly due to the colour palettes but I WILL finish them and in future I will stick to what I like!

  5. Isn't if funny how a thumbnail often looks better than the full size item? The same is true with ugly fabric....the smaller it is cut the better looking it gets (usually but not always)!


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