Hexie Weekend 6/20/14

I've been prepping hexie stars as I watch the World Cup.  It hasn't been as productive as I envisioned because so many of the games have been outstanding and surprising.  But what did I expect when the best players of the game have gathered together to go for the Golden Ball.  It has been exhilarating to see them play so well and for 95% of them so sportsmanlike - a far difference from 1998 when I watch my first one and 2010 when the refereeing was awful.  But enough of that - back to hexies. I did manage to prep seven more stars and finish sewing the one I had started.
I was going to mainly use 30s fabrics for these stars but my stash has a mind of its own and its turning out brighter than the first ones.  I did find that the centers I chose are of more contrast to the petals. Not wanting the stitches to show I decided to try invisible thread to sew them together.
I used Superior Invisible Thread in the smoke color and worked over a piece of white paper.  The hardest part was tying the knot at the needle to keep the thread from slipping out of the hole.  I also learned I needed to work with shorter lengths of thread - about 12-14" instead of the 18" I'm use to - to keep from wrapping the thread around a side of the hexagon and not noticing it because of the invisibility of the thread - lol.  What do you think?

I'm linking to Richard's Link a Finish Friday because I did finish one star and also to Can I get a Whoop, Whoop for trying a new technique.  I'd love to see your eye candy - hexie or otherwise; photo link or blog post will do.  Linky below. Remember it can be old eye candy - if it's new to me, it qualifies.


  1. I continue work on my Diamonds are Forever quilt - lots of hexies to work with.

  2. Lovely hexies Angie! That's quite a stack.

  3. Preciosos tus hexagonos. Disfruta cosiendolos!!

    Besitos.Feliz fin de semana.

  4. That is a beautiful hexie flower! I can't imagine trying to sew hexies with invisible thread - it would be painful. I figure by the time my quilt is finished the stitches aren't going to show much anyway...


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