Applique Tuesday 6/17/14

Two of the games tomorrow will mark the last of the 32 teams playing their first 2014 World Cup game.  There are a lot of great teams out there!  And Mexico will be playing Brazil! So I'd better post now.  I have been trying to do a little hand work as I watch, but it's hard because I take my eyes off the screen for a couple of seconds to take a stitch and someone makes a goal or something - so actual sewing is out. But I've prepped about six hexie flowers, so that's good - and I was able to do a tiny bit of applique. Today I'd like to walk you through how I'm doing my Anna's Garden blocks.

Make a copy of the pattern.

Number the various pieces in the order needed to be laid down (ie leaves that go under the branch) Then cut out the pieces leaving as intact a silhouette as possible - it was easy with this one. Cut on the center of the black lines.

Now make your freezer paper templates by turning over your cut pieces so the writing( and those dark lines around the edges) are not showing and trace on freezer paper. I put the number and the color of the fabric the piece must be on the freezer paper dull side.  Now iron the freezer paper (shiny side to back) to your fabric back and cut out 3/16th from edges.  Turn the edges over using the starch method. Once well dried, take the freezer paper out.  

Assemble a unit using the cutout pattern as your guide. 

Use small dots of glue on the part that overlaps on top and press together.

I then made the other bird.

Now ready to place these on the block.  Place the cutout pattern over the square (I forgot to take a photo of this stage). I lined it up with the branch I had already done. Add a bit of glue around the figures and set in place.  Let dry.

Here is the block ready for hand appliqueing.

Once I've done that here are the bits that are left to do.
Would love to see what you are doing.  Leave me a comment and I'll come visit.  Blessings to you all.
PS: I'm linking to Esther's WOW, Connie's Linking Tuesday Party, and Judy's design wall Monday.


  1. Great instructions Angie. Still not sewing too much. Trying to do the Gypsy Wife's June assignment, but not sure what it is??? Giggle. Soggy brain at work again.

  2. Fascinating method for placing your applique pieces! I'm going to have to try it :)

  3. Love the applique placement on this Angie -- works out perfectly. Congrats on a beautiful block and thanks for sharing your technique with us.

  4. Thanks for the photos, very useful. I've been sewing all around each piece before laying an overlapping piece down and then sewing all around that too. So much to learn. I've ordered some starch and will be trying that instead of fabric glue too.


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