Design Wall Monday

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On my design wall is my mystery quilt from the guild retreat.  As you see it I still have to attach the top and bottom rows and the top will be done.  And yes it is sandwiched as I'm doing this quilt as you go.
 Now for the problems .  Looking at the photo below, you can see the back is too small on two sides.  This is because of two things. When I laid the center row on top of the batting and back I seem to be almost two inches too to the right of center.  What they say about measure twice and cut once also relates to this.  But the biggest problem is that when I cut the flannel back I did so before I washed it.  I though I had left plenty around each edge - 2 1/2 to 3 inches more. Well, it shrunk and I'll never cut backing from flannel again if it hasn't been shrunk.  

I'm hoping St Anne's cupboard has another piece of this to sew on three sides (after I've washed it that is).  If not, I'll have to add a piece of something else all around to finish this off. Until then no more work can be done on this piece other than sew the two rows on.

What's on your design wall?  I'm linking over to Judy's Patchwork Times, Esther's WoW, and Lyn's BOMs Away for now.


  1. Even with all the experience we all have, we still have room for learning. Thanks for bringing the wash before you cut example to us. Take care,

  2. Some of that fun border fabric would look good.

  3. Eh, give the back a border, too. It'll be fine. =)

  4. Add a strip thru the middle of the quilt both vertically and horizontally - all the modern quilters are piecing their backs.

  5. oh, what a bummer! I second the idea of giving the back it's own border - it'll look nice!

  6. I say give the back a border too, it looks stunning!


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