Finish on Hexie Weekend

Well, I started another Hexie project - don't really know what you call this shape -Karen calls it flower petal - I think.  It has 5 sides, but they're not equal, so I guess it's a polygon.  It's block 1 of Karen's Soupçon Mystery QAL.
I'm learning to fussy cut. I had a beautiful orange print, but I couldn't find a segment that I liked in the template I made from Karen's pdf of hexagons on her site.  Then I found the piece above. I've gotten two made so far.  I'm also trying Karen's paperless method of making the pieces. Three more to make.

Would love to see your hexie project, old, new or ongoing!  Linky below. It ends Monday evening.

Didn't get any farther with my other flowers because of the above and also I had to finish a top for our St. Anne's meeting yesterday.  I was handed a bag of fabric - a donated ufo from someone in the parish.  There was some flannel yardage and all these strips.  Here's the back - each square is 16".
I loved this fabric especially the red with the gold leaves and the tiny flower!  Here is the front:
My part is finished with this project.  It went to another member to clip and wash.  We'll deliver it next month.  Do you have a finish?  I'm linking to Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday and Richard's Link a Finish.


  1. Your pieces are beautifully fussy cut. The star will be great. Have a nice weekend! I'll link tomorrow.

  2. Such wonderful fussy cutting. I'm still resisting about 10 new projects. Hoping to finish that will happen...giggle.

  3. It is lovely to see people hand piecing again. Your star points are really cute!

  4. I need to get back to my hexi's....esp now that my applique quilt is finished!!! YAH!!! I enjoyed stopping by!

  5. What a wonderful print for your first fussy cuts! I'm trying to finish some things so I can feel better about starting new projects!

  6. The blue star is very pretty.
    Do you have two linky parties every week?
    I am also sewing the sal at karens.
    No pictures yet.
    Tomorrow if all goes properly, I, ll take a picture of my star.
    Kathleen in beautiful nelson bay, australia

  7. I love the blue print you have chosen! Your star reminds me of Moroccan tiles! I especially love the way each patch gets lighter toward the point! This is going to be one gorgeous block!

  8. Your fussy cut fabric are gorgeous.Have a great weekend!

  9. I love those fussy cut shapes. FYI, Julie Herman calls the shape a "jewel" on her Hex-n-more ruler. ;)


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