Applique? More like Catch-Up Tuesday

Yes, I did do a teeny bit of applique.  Go to my previous post and you'll see I've selected fabric and printed the pattern for block one of the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt.  Other than that - The End of AT for last week.  What took up a lot of time was the Three Kings Day family celebration on Sunday.  It was the 12th Day of Christmas.
The two oldest DGSs - Will and Frank

The two youngest DGKs - Lily and Alan.  Missing is
Leo who lives in Fort Collins - we miss you Leo!

Lily wading through the wrappings after presents were opened.

Lighting candles on Frank's birthday cake - he was 10 on 1/6
so we were celebrating a day early - thus only 9 candles.

Daughter Em looking on.

We had a fun time - lots of eating and talking and enjoying the day.
                            Happy 12th Day of Christmas!

Now back to applique - I hoped to do some on Monday. However, Will who spent the night, woke up about 1 AM vomiting and there went all plans. I was afraid it was food poisioning, but turns out he and his brother (Alan had to be taken to Emergency for dehydration) both caught a virus at a birthday party the day before. Appears to be going around a lot right now. As a consequence, I'm playing catch-up putting away Christmas things, freezing leftovers, and generally getting back to normal.  So here's a link I think you'll like - Susan is collecting info on all the 2014 BOMs she can find - and she's found a lot!  I was happy to find her link as last year I didn't find a couple of BOMs I would have tried  - this time I know where to look.

Click here to go to the website. Click on the tabs under
the header to see all the BOMs!


  1. Love your new blog background. Makes me wish for snow... in my part of CA we don't get any snow, so I miss it.

  2. That little Alan looks like he's a boat load of fun. Really enjoyed the pics of your family and love the hersheys' apron! Hope everyone is feeling well again. Plenty of fluids.

  3. What a handsome family Angie. I hope the children are feeling better now. Thanks for the link to BOM's. I am joining in the Ben Biggs quilt too! So beautiful.

  4. Thanks for linking the BOM site! I appreciate it. That's going to be such a great applique quilt, and I hope I find time to do it this year - I'm saving the patterns just in case. Your family photos are so much fun! It looks like a great event and what a nice time you all had together. Except for Will getting sick, of course!

  5. great new blog header.
    too bad about the kids. hopefully you are well.


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