NewFOs - as if I didn't have enough UFOs

2014 NewFO ChallengeAs if I didn't have enough UFOs, I know I'm going to be starting some new things in 2014, so why not join in on Barbara's NewFO challenge for the New Year.
I joined last year and felt so happy to have a good reason not to feel guilty about starting something new - quilting wise that is. 
In the coming year I hope to start either of these in the first few months:

I'm only listing two right now - but have tons more I could add. 

December 22nd is the last day to sign up for the kick-off party.  Go on over now.


  1. I missed the kick off party but plan to join in thjis year! It will be fun!

  2. That would be a tough decision, which to start first! Good luck!

  3. Love that....NewFO! Personally I never feel guilty about starting something new. I think of it as inexpensive therapy!


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