Applique Christmas Eve

Like Kerry at Simple Bird Applique - I've been squeezing in a minute here and there between Christmas get-togethers (one this afternoon) to do some applique or quilting.  It hasn't been as frenetic as past years because all that shopping and baking is waiting for me after Christmas Day.  So here's where I'm at with part 4 of LE:
Now I have to add the embroidery. I may actually finish this section this month!  Only 3 parts behind - LOL - but I"m not worried about it.

Another glorious post on applique you might want to visit at Michelle's .  She's famous for her fabulous quilts depicting the genius of William Morris in applique.

Take a moment wherever you are, get a cup of tea or Christmas nog, and relax as you browse the two blogs above.  I'd love to see yours also, so do leave a comment, and I'll come by your blog, or go to one you recommend.  Hugs and good thoughts from SoCal.


  1. What beautiful applique! I've just discovered your blog & am a new follower. Looking forward to more. Merry Christmas!

  2. Looking wonderful! We're out at a Christmas street party tonight, and we're having friends over for dinner tomorrow too! I've been finishing my baking today - our neighbours have their family visiting, and I always take over plates of goodies!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, to you and yours.

    1. Some of the stems are so tiny, I'm going to embroider them - that's why they're missing.

  4. Love the blues! I have not started mine yet.

  5. Your LE is beautiful. I'm a little behind on mine but hope to catch up once the holidays are over! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas! I'm off to visit the two blogs you've recommended!


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