Taking a Blog Break

Out of State company is coming and we have to get ready, so I'm taking a blog break. I'll be lurking and may pop in to post a photo once in a while, but that's about all.  Applique Tuesday will return when I do on the 22nd.  And Billie at BillieBee's Blog will be gathering eye candy on Hexie Fridays. She'd love to see your project.

Blessings to you all!

There's something odd in this photo - at least to Southern Californians.  There are clouds in the sky.  We're use to endless blue skies with nary a cloud, and here the scene from our front patio shows a view filled with them. Don't tell me the weather isn't changing.


Sue Daurio said…
Have a great time with your visitors!!
nanboudreau said…
Enjoy yourself Angie. hugs