Applique Tuesday

Well, I did it - I can't believe it, but Part 2 of Love Entwined is done. 

Phew those zigzags were a trial.  I sort of used Happy Appliquer Heather's method (see my blog list).  It took her 4 hours  - it took me 4 days! LOL.  It called for very precise piecing to get those strips just the right width.  Veer for just a millimeter and over time - put the whole set out of whack - sigh.  That seam ripper was getting a lot of use.

I'm linking to Connie's Linky Party Tuesday and Esther's WOW.  Would love to see your applique or any other project.  Don't mind if it was something you made a while ago - still new to me. Come on and share.  Linky below:


  1. looks wonderful. I don't think I could take that kind of pressure......grin. It doesn't take much to send me screaming from my sewing room.

  2. Love your border, nice job. I will be starting mine tomorrow. I like the 2 darks in the center.

  3. Wow that's coming along wonderfully!!

  4. Hi Angie congratulations on finishing part two, I'm working on part 3 and 4 but still have not complete part 2 LOL. I'm making all those little pieces of the Zig Zag by hand I'm basting them on to wash away and then joining them all up so it is a very very long slow process, but I'm happy working away at all 3 parts at the same time LOL> I love the colours you are using in your centre it looks stunning. CHeers glenda

  5. Angie LE is looking marvelous -congratulations!

  6. Angie your LE is looking beautiful, love the greens in your border.
    Mine took about 4 days as well and I machine stitched, time was all in fusing each individual piece into place and not getting gaps between them - there are a few little ones to make it all fit,
    Cheers jenny


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