Applique Tuesday

The temperature is getting to me.  The last 4 days it has been hot - which would not be a problem, but the humidity has been from 47- 60 percent.  This is a major change when the average is more like 30 percent for us.  I'm feeling nauseous during all the mid day times and it ain't fun.  And further down this week it's suppose to be hotter still (it hasn't helped since our tropical storm which dropped over 2 inches in 2 hours) later this week. So I haven't done much.

I did work a bit on my LE. 
The camera doesn't give a good photo of this.  The leaves around the compass are really a nice dark green - and what you see as blue in the compass is really teal.  Even the pie shapes are not as dark as they look.  I'll have to find the manual and see what I can do about the photos my camera takes.  Thanks to all who commented on my two versions.  I decided to go with Version 2 and I am machine appliqueing those pies.

Would so love to see what you're up to - applique or otherwise, new, old or dreaming.  Linky below.
I'm linking to Esther's WOW.


Sue Daurio said…
Oh boy I hope it cools off there soon. Hot and humid are just not a good combination. I finally have something for Applique Tuesday - woohoo!! Your LE is looking great.
Beth said…
Those leaves are a really nice touch. It's things like that that make a block/quilt sing.
Carol Holmes said…
Your compass is beautiful, I love the colors.
I'm with you on the weather. I don't feel good in humid heat either. :(
Esther Aliu said…
This is stunning work! I know how you feel, summers in Australia can be nauseating and I usually don't make any progress during the hottest months. Winter is quilting weather, definitely!
Karen said…
Fall is right around the corner Angie -- hang in there. Great progress on your block !