Wow, Design Wall Monday and more.

First, if you're looking for the craft class giveaway, go here. Ends Monday Noon.

Last week I used .75 yards to repair a lounge chair cover. The yardage came right out of my stash. That and the bits and pieces I culled for Esther's quilt (too little to count) was all the stash busting I did.  My numbers are
in 0.0 yds.; out .75 yds.
Stash in YTD: in 8.5 yds., out 95.18yds.
Donated YTD: 41.96 yds
Net for 2013: out 86.68 yds
 On my design wall is my LE (Love Entwined) applique quilt.  I'm behind but some are just starting. We decided this isn't going to be a race. Actually, being a bit behind is proving to be beneficial because I am learning so much from what the ladies ahead of us are doing.
As you can see I finished the stems and leaves (done by machine with edges turned under) and now starting the pie shaped sections that go around the circle.  I think I'll just make segments in different colors until I find  a combo I like. Last will be the flowers for the top of the stems.  While I was making the leaves Frank was shaking his head watching me - they are a lot smaller than they look.  I'm so glad I saw that video about making the tiniest of applique pieces.  This project will be a long time on my design wall. 
I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall at Patchwork Times, Lyn's BOMs Away, and Esther's Wow.  This will also serve as my applique for the week - it is very time intensive.  What's on your design wall?


  1. Wow! What a nice Love Entwined. Love your colors. And you've got a very respectable net out yardage count. :)

  2. That's a beautiful block. I've not heard of the Love Entwined quilt...gonna go google it! :)

  3. Such wonderful work Angie! It's just gorgeous. I've sew nothing at all for the last couple of days.

  4. Beautiful colors. Definitely bright and cheery. Having completed so few of my appliqué projects I'm not even going to look at the original! But I hope to see yours progress over the next months.

  5. Looking good! I'm loving your colors for this. I haven't started yet. Still chicken about starting because it's more than I can handle. On the other hand I might do a mock up with fused applique. Not sure yet.

  6. yes, you can't race when it comes to applique.

  7. Oh that is a beauty. I've been saving each months pattern as it comes out hoping I might start it some day. I do love how your's is looking. I even did some applique last week :) Might even have something for Applique Tuesday next week .

  8. This is so beautiful! It is always so much fun to see what your are appliqueing! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  9. Your doing Love Entwined? WOW, can't wait to see your progress. I don't have the courage but am getting the pattern just in case!


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