Before I got Sick

and after my DD's sewing class, my Mom and I made a skirt following DD's suggestions and tips. Thank you, Em!  I really like it and it only required two pattern pieces and a piece of elastic.  Was from a Butterick See & Sew pattern B4711 (not sure it is still available - bought it long ago). I'll make the blouse later - a friend has the top pattern pieces. For now I want to buy a nice white top to go with it - oh an excuse to go shopping - LOL. I'll be making more of these!


Love the skirt. Sure hope you are feeling better!
Rosa said…
Te queda genial,y espero que te encuentres mejor!
Sue Daurio said…
Cute skirt. Just add a summer weight sweater and you're all set for an all american weekend :) Hope you're feel better
Terri said…
Great looking skirt, too. What kind of fabric - quilting cotton? I always have trouble selecting fabric that drapes right.