Applique Tuesday on Wednesday Again!

Sure would like to get back on schedule.  I have been doing applique, but don't have much to show for it because there is prep work before I begin actual stitching. First I had to put together the pattern master:
 Right now I'm starching my background for the 31.5 inch LE center. Next I mark diagonals and centers with iron and thread. Then I can add my compass to the background before starting to choose fabric for the next phase. Phew. And yes I did get my compass completed:
I'm also working on an Anna's Garden block:
 I started to applique this down, however the limb kept shifting so I started all over again - this time no pinning, just machine basting.  Lastly my friend gave me some quilty literature she was getting rid of and in there was this gem:
Back from the 70s and has some sketchy instructions but a couple of traditional quilt projects I've always wanted to make. So lots of applique was looked at - LOL.  What have you been up to?  Would love to read your comments on your work.