No Quilting Going on

No quilting going on in the house.  Cousins are visiting from Texas, grands to babysit, Sewdality to organize and more! It's been go, go, go for the last 13 days.
Monday's outing saw us at the Cabrillo National Monument to get a great view of all of San Diego:

  Then off to Old Town.

The park has really changed since I was last there.  Before it was a lot of neat shops.  Now the shops are on the periphery and the park compound is really historic - lots to see and do.

Beautiful succulent plantings every where and so many choices for good eating.  We were going to leave after lunch but came out leaving at 4PM.  We did see quilts in the residences and a park volunteer quilting:
No applique this week, but do visit Esther's blog .  She's about to begin an 18 month BOM of a beautiful 1790 Marriage Coverlet - all beautiful applique with a medallion.


What fun you are having! I'm going to try to do some cutting today. Have more fun!
sophie said…
I love the photo of San Diego bay. It's crazy how much I've been missing the ocean lately.

Thanks for joining the Block Lotto Weekend Linky party.
sophie said…
Ps. I picked up the book I won in your give-away today. It's PERFECT for a new project I'm starting tomorrow. Thanks again.