Barely Hexie Friday

Here's the last bit of sewing I've did on Sunday - started my fourth Hexie flower. Since then no time for this kind of fun.  With DGS#1, picked up DGS#2 and off we went to fast paced day.  First was the Discovery Center in Santa Ana to see a special Lego exhibit.  An interesting place.  While they built Lego castles I toured an excellent Da' Vinci exhibit and Rocket Lab - yes this place is very varied - and the gift shop - the quietest place there!  After two and a half hours there we went to lunch and then headed for Newport Beach.  Great afternoon - hit the beach just right around 3PM when the sun wasn't so hot.

What are you up to sewing wise or not?  Leave us a link or comment.  Billie and I would love to see your work as we dream about getting back to quilting and fun once the summer goodness of family has settled to a more leisurely pace. Link below:


  1. Sounds like you are having a lovely time. The Legos would be more my speed...giggle. More family coming down this evening. Maybe more sewing next week.

  2. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time with your DGSs. Its been so hot here in the desert, all my time has been spent indoors. Computer time, reading time and some quilting are how my days go by.

  3. Legos did you say legos??? Beach did you say Beach?? so jealous. I thought of hexies :) And will actually be doing some hexies this on the way to IN. The husband always likes to make sure I have something to do in the car (besides criticize his driving). Love the colors in your hexies.

  4. Sounds like a great museum with lots of different exhibits...wish it was a little closer!


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