It's Hexie Friday! 6/28/13

It's too darn hot.  Yesterday, it was 106; today 104.  I don't do well after 98 because of the heat exhaustion I suffered in 2002.  And only our living room and kitchen have AC, not a whole lot of quilting going on unless it's in the AM.  I took my hexies to Duarte when I was babysitting the DKs there for three days.  Did manage to finish the one I had in progress - even took along fabric for two more, but there's not much time when you're watching a 3 year old - LOL.  I hope to start the next one this evening.

So what have you been up to hexie or otherwise?  Would love to see it and hear from you.  Linky below:


  1. Got it! Thanks. Linkup so we can look at teach others hexies......giggle.

  2. Grandkids.....there is no time when you are watching 4 10-14 years olds either....not giving you much hope there am I....:D

  3. Stay cool Angie! In the Midwest we've had such a cool summer. You can send some of that heat our way :) Still loving that pink hexie.


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