A Lovely Finish and WOW

I have a lovely finish of sorts. I made it my goal this month to finish all the blocks for my DGD's quilt, and I did! I even got it into the flimsy stage. I had my DH hold it so I could show it to you off my design "floor" - LOL.

So my new goal for the next month is to get it sandwiched, quilted and bound so I can give it to her. I spent three days at her house.  It was so fun, but exhausting.    Here's my three year old cherub:

I'm linking to a Lovey Year of Finishes - a motivating challenge. Join us. And I'm linking the Esther's WOW - too.  She's about to launch her new Applique Beauty!


Oh how cute!!! I love the happy little pinwheels in there! It will be a "lovely" finish indeed :*)
ANudge said…
This was my D9P version. I like how the pinwheels add interest to the pattern.
Carrie P. said…
congrats on getting the top done. it looks great and your little gd is a cutie pie.
Alrighty Angie! The quilt is really cute, but not near as cute as your sweet Grand daughter.
Connie said…
The pinwheels add so much to your D9P! So cute!
Rosa said…
The quilt is just beautiful and your little girl is adorable.Have a fun weekend!!
Scooquilt said…
The fabrics in this are great! (So is the DGD!). Can't wait t see it finished.