Two out of Three Done

Popping in for a minute to do my NewFO Challenge report. I only got two out of my three done, so don't count me toward the giveaway, Barb. Go here if you want to see one I got done  and here for the other.  I've got to make a quilt top for St. Anne's so that will be my NewFO for June. That and finish the pink plaid and check top will be my Nothing by UFO challenge.  Those two will be my Get it Done Goals for June. It's going to be a way too busy month what with possible surgery for DH, visitors from Texas and babysitting marathon now that school is out for the summer.  Gosh the time is flying.  

Off to rock baby Alan for a short nap so he won't be cranky at dinner. I'm linking to Barbara's NewFO challenge , Carrie's Nothing by UFOs, and Judy's Get it Done challenge.   Go check them out!

Last but now least, here's a beauty from my DH container garden.  He always brings up beauties to the patio so I won't miss them.


  1. Hey, the best part of the NewFO Challenge is that you don't have to finish anything - just start it! What beautiful flowers - guaranteed to make you smile :*)

  2. It's certainly a busy time of year!! Those flowers are so pretty. :) I'm slowly learning about the plants in our new region - it's a completely different biosphere from Florida! Hope you're having a nice weekend.


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